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Long Story ♠ Public Happiness ♠ PART 3/3

Title Public Happiness
Bill is happy, happier than he has been in years. He wants to share it with the world. He want to tell everyone that he's in love, that he has his very own Davey Havok.  
Author ninaelisabeth 
Angst, Drama, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort
Bill Kaulitz, David Jost, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Male Celebrity, Tom Kaulitz
Main Pairings
Bill/Male Celeb
Side Pairings
Adult Content, OOC
Word Count 6,478
Part 3

Davey woke up an hour before the alarm was set to go off; he quickly turned it off before he would forget about it and it would wake up Bill.

He looked down at the sleeping figure; his long, black hair was framing his head like a dark halo and his face had never been more peaceful.

With a sigh, Davey walked out of the bedroom, almost tripping as he walked into the bathroom. Grabbing a fresh pair of underwear and slipping them on, he splashed his face with water.

He needed to read what Bill had read; he wanted to know. He was absolutely sure that there had to be at least a couple of fans who had nothing against them.

He also wanted to know how they found it. He had a clue.

Plopping down by the computer he realized they hadn’t turned it off yet. The screen was bright and as he squinted, Davey crossed his legs and placed a hand on his chin.

The text was long; a long entry in a fan forum.

It started with the person explaining what they had found, what was on the website, and then came the meanings. This person was obviously not a Tokio Hotel fan, but an AFI fan.

Davey shook his head in disbelief as he continued to read. Some people were just so closed minded and plain stupid.

It was the last day in the studio before he had a couple of days off, then Bill and Tom would go to England and meet Georg and Gustav there.

Reading the entry and a couple of the comments, Davey was left with an uneasy feeling in his gut.

He was right.

Leaving the computer, the brown haired man ran out into the hallway and stopped in front of the bedroom door. After sneaking in, he grabbed his cell phone and hit speed dial.


"I don't care why you did it! I just want you to understand that he wasn't ready for it."

There was a soft thud; Bill rolled over with a moan and rubbed his eyes. Davey's voice was unmistakable. His boyfriend was shouting at someone, probably on the phone.

"No, I don't care, I said!"

There was a silent moment, probably Davey letting the other person talk; or defend themselves.

"You—you should watch what you're saying! I thought you were my friend; our friend. I know what I said, but I never told you to go and post that online for everyone to see—they were supposed to find it themselves, then maybe we would have been ready for this!"

Bill furrowed his brows; he hadn't heard Davey like this before. He wasn't mad, he was furious.

Standing up from the bed, Bill grabbed a large t-shirt from underneath his pillow and slipped the oversized garment on. He pulled his long black hair back into a messy ponytail before walking slowly towards the door.

"Hunter, just shut up, please. I don't care; I've said it so many times already. You and Adam just have to learn to mind your own business.

I know I've said that Bill wanted people to know, but that doesn't give you the right to fucking twitter it!" Davey shouted and Bill flinched back from the door. "Alright, tweeted it, what's the difference?!"

Bill stopped; hand on the handle and tears forming in his eyes. Had Adam and Hunter really posted the link on an official account?

The tears started to appear; he wasn't even sure if he was hurt or relieved, he was sure of one thing though. He was sick of crying, so sick.

Brushing the tears away, Bill opened the door and slammed it shut, walking into the bathroom with a stoic face. He also remembered how he felt last night, when Davey just pulled out of him and rolled over without a single word.

Once in the bathroom, the German man slipped out of the t-shirt and jumped in the shower, taking his time under the warm water while he blocked out the sound of his shouting boyfriend.


Bill had stayed locked inside the bathroom for almost an hour and a half, dragging out the time. He knew that Davey woke up earlier today, so he had probably read about the reactions online before calling Hunter.

And he was probably out the door by now.

Looking in the mirror one last time, Bill decided it was time for some breakfast. He hadn't heard Davey during the last thirty minutes, but he wasn't sure if the other man had left or not.

When the now freshly washed and dressed man entered the kitchen, he could smell food; amazing food. Davey was standing beside the stove, cooking something that smelled absolutely wonderful.

Of course, it was vegan.

Bill had decided that living like a vegetarian wasn't that bad, especially when your boyfriend was a straight edge and a vegan. It made things a little bit easier.

How Davey had stopped him from smoking, though, he really couldn't understand.

Bill made his appearance know by a loud growl coming from his stomach, announcing that he was starving. Davey spun around and looked straight at him. As quickly as he looked, he turned his back towards him again.

Bill felt a small twinge déjà vu.

"I've made breakfast, euhm, I need to leave in ten minutes, and I hope that's okay..." Came Davey's small voice; he sounded sad. “I’m sorry for last night.”

Bill’s body slumped down on a chair; he looked lost and forlorn.

“No, I should be the one being sorry. You have no idea how stupid I feel now, practically begging you to… to.”

Davey gave a sigh and suddenly, Bill was being crushed hard against his broad chest.

“I’m sorry, I don’t care, I’m still sorry for not being here for you earlier and for just ignoring you after,” Davey said, hugging Bill tightly.

“You know I love you, you know that people will adore us. Of course, there will be the closed minded ones, but you will always have me and your family. Simone, Gordon, Tom, Georg and Gustav and my parents, they will always be here.

“You will always have us. Just remember that.”

Bill nodded; he was sick of crying so it felt good not to. He snuggled up against Davey’s chest and nodded again; he knew he had his family.

It would just feel so good to have some fans on his side, too. Well, the day had just begun.


As soon as Davey had left, Bill did the dishes. He needed something to do; he wanted to read the positive responses, but he wasn't sure if he could handle it yet.

After washing the whole kitchen and starting on the living room, he gave up and found a bag of chips in the cabinet. Walking into the office, he sat down on the chair and span it, while stuffing his mouth full with sea salt chips.

"So, now, you guys, show me some love," he said with a smile; he felt wonderful today and it was an amazing feeling.

Starting with the blog, he read the approved comments. He knew Davey had been online earlier at some point, approving the nice comments and deleting the others; he really loved that man.

Reading them one by one, he took it all in. The love from their fan base was strong; they were happy for him; glad that he’d finally said something. Someone told him that they came out to their loved ones, just because he told the public through that blog.

There was one comment, though, that caught his eye, a lovely one written by a Nicole.

"Davey and Bill,

I just wanted to say that I'm completely and utterly happy for you both. Seeing you together is such a beautiful thing and I've secretly been hoping that it'd happen one day. Well, now that wish has come true and I couldn't be more excited for you guys. I'm sure there are people who are giving you crap about your relationship and saying this and that, but don't listen to them. From what I see in your blog and videos and photos, you're love is true, strong and oh, so beautiful. I'll stand by both of you and support you through everything. We don't know each other, but I'll still be here cheering and supporting you guys on.

Stay strong and keep loving strong.


< 3”

He could feel the smile tug on his lips, a feeling he needed. The feeling of being happy and that he was finally approved of. Bill dried a small tear escaping from his eye, an airy laugh following.

“I love you, guys, I love this.”


"What?" Came the lame reply from the other end of the line, making David growl in response.

"You, get your lazy ass to your twin and set up for a call at eight, I'm sick of you going behind my back, and especially your little brother and his American boyfriend."

"David, relax, please. He did it because he wanted to share this," Tom said; he didn't want to go through with this now.

"Don't tell me to relax, Tom, the management is ready to kill me if I don't do some damage control. They're talking about 'immediate intervention’; I don't even know what it means! I can't ignore them for too long."


David ended the call, throwing his phone at the wall and cursing the day he left the twins. His supervisor had called twelve times over the past few hours, pestering him with mails about the blog.

They wanted to know why their money maker had gone public as gay without them knowing.

"Okay, I need to do something," he murmured, dragging his hands through his hair and over his face. Finding his phone again and slipping the battery back into place, he dialled Gustav's number.

"Gustav, you need to get your hands on Georg and get your ass here before eight, we're having a call with L.A." David started pacing the room, his hand fiddling with a card he found beside the phone. "The management is furious with Bill and they're taking us all under the same spoon or whatever."

"We'll be there," was the short reply, before the rather silent band member hung up.

Now David had to contact some friends and pull some strings; they had to change some plans.


Bill laughed as Bob licked his face, Enya snapping her teeth beside them.

"Enya, help me, you can't just stand there, I need help!" he laughed, flailing on the floor as the eldest dog kept licking him. "Ah, help me; I'm the one feeding you!"

Enya snapped her teeth, her tail wagging faster and her feet scratching on the floor.

Play fighting Bob, Bill made a show of surrender and held his hands in the air, making the dog bark and attack his face once again.

"I surrender, please, stop it!" he giggled, pushing the dog away gently; he needed to pee and all this laughing wasn't helping. "I need to pee, Bob, I need to pee."

Standing up from the cold floor, patting both Bob and Enya on the head, Bill rushed to the bathroom to do his business. As he washed his hands he could hear the front door unlock and open, the dogs bark slightly and Tom's voice calming them.

With a smile, he dried his hands and walked out to see both Davey and Tom standing in the hallway, petting the dogs.

"Hi there, why are you here?" Bill asked, and smiled as Davey came up to him and kissed his cheek; for some reason he felt so at home during that moment; everything was good.

"David wants us to call, the management is pissed."

And there went the wonderful feeling, straight out the window.

"Dinner in the kitchen," Bill said to Davey, kissing him lightly on the mouth and winking.

Following Tom to the living room and picking up his laptop, the twins sat down on the couch and placed the computer on the table.

It was two minutes to eight, so they could just call already.

David, Gustav and Georg came to vision on the little screen, the fellow band mates waving when David just sat there.

"Well, we have a lot to talk about guys. Firstly, Bill, why didn't you tell me what you were up to? It would have made things a little easier for me; I could have at least been prepared for something."

Bill hesitated, looking over the table to see Enya poking her nose in Bob's side, nipping at his fur.

"I don't know, David; I knew that you would have something against it. I just wanted to do something by myself, it made me feel a little freer." He sighed; Tom just placed a hand on his knee. "You control everything Tom posts on his blog, though there's a wonder he's been able to have it for so long.

"And I know the management wouldn't be pleased with me coming out as gay; they would have sent me to that therapist again, and he would just tell me that 'loving men was a sin, I should get the demons out of my mind before they took over', I don't want that!

"For once in my life I'm truly happy with every aspect of my day, I'm not lonely, I'm not searching for love because I found it, and I’m truly in love, David. I'm content with being the superstar without any freedom, but at least I have someone I can trust, someone to be there for me; someone in the business who understands what it's like and I know is not after my fame."

David nodded, his eyes glistering. Bill took a deep breath and looked at Tom, the older twin giving him an encouraging nod.

"So, what do you want to do with it?" It was Tom talking now, taking Bill's question off his lips. "It's already out there, you can't go and erase it. I think it would be better if Davey and Bill went out together, did something that would conform it and not make people question everything."

"Yes, I was thinking the same, Tom. There is nothing we can do about people knowing, because both Bill and Davey want the public to know, and they do. The fan base has now at least doublde; you know that, because of AFI's fan base and yours."

All four nodded at David's words; they knew there would be many screaming girls, too, that would cry because their future husband had found himself someone, and a male someone at that.

"I think we can do it like this; you two pack and get on the first plane to London, Bill, ask Davey if he would be able to come with us. I can pull some strings and maybe we could hook you two up an interview or something. Maybe even a small press conference or just a simple home video. Talk to him."

"I will, we'll call back when we know more. Send us the flight information, will you?" Bill said, sitting up straight.

"I will," David hesitated. "And Bill, I apologise."

David disappeared from the screen, along with Gustav and Georg.

A sharp sound from the kitchen followed with a low curse made the twins turn towards the hallway. Davey’s head popped around the corner, his thumb inside his mouth as he sucked on it.

“Was that your manager?” he asked, looking at his thumb and rubbing gently at it.

Bill nodded, closing the laptop and jumping over the back of the sofa before walking over to Davey. Taking a hold of Davey's hand, Bill inspected the little cut and placed a small kiss on it.

"He wants you to come with us to Europe; we'll take the first available flight to London and meet them there. Our management isn't happy and David said that he wanted us to do an interview or a home video or something. Anything to do some ‘damage control’ as they call it."

Davey nodded, sneaking an arm behind Bill's back and dragging him closer.

"I'll come with you, I just need to call the guys, we have a few days off and if it takes longer, they can work on stuff without me."

Tom stood up from the sofa, cuddling with Enya as she started to lick his hand.

"I'll go back to my place to pack some stuff, I'll come back in a couple of hours and then we'll take it from there." Hugging his twin tightly, Tom put Enya on her leash and walked out of the apartment.

"Well, we should pack too." Bill took Davey's hand and led him to the bedroom, Bob walking happily behind them.

His hand was sweaty, he was nervous and anxious. He just wanted to get off this plane. They had met some fans earlier, all giggling girls that swooned over both him and Davey.

“You’re sure the dogs will be okay with Jade?” Bill was almost sitting in Davey’s lap, the armrest in between the seats removed.

“I’m sure; he loves them just as much as we do.” Davey smiled, stroking a thumb over Bill’s knuckles. “Relax, let us do this with a smile and get back to them as soon as possible.”

“Okay,” Bill whispered, leaning his head on Davey’s shoulder and falling asleep instantly.


That moment had calmed him a little, but he was still anxious. David was meeting them in a car outside the airport, since they had arrived a couple of hours before them.

Tom was walking in front of the couple, flanked by security guys and staff. Michael was walking right behind Davey, his face as serious as ever.

“Dave, this is going to be loud.” Bill whispered with a smirk, slipping his sunglasses on as they rounded a corner.

“Bill, I’ve been in this business for a long time, I know what fans are capable of.”

Bill snickered as Michael snorted behind them, making Davey turn and look at the bodyguard with a raised brow.

“Believe me, Mr. Havok, you haven’t heard anything yet.”

As they rounded the corner and the doors opened, Davey could already hear the high pitch screaming coming from hundreds of Tokio Hotel fans.

"Here we go."

They knew when they had been spotted; the screaming tripled and when they walked out of the doors it was like hitting a wall of sound.

Davey knew what loud was, he had run around on stage with a fever and the worst headache in the world, magnifying all sounds. But this... this was loud.

"Bill! Davey! You're so cute together!" came a loud yell from the bunch of clawing animals. There were equal shouts coming from all over, people just calling their names and some calling Tom's.

Michael was guiding the couple through the mass, airport security trying to hold the fans as they walked to the car. Finally, they reached the doors and slipped inside, first Tom, then Bill and Davey.

"Well, good to see you're still alive," David said from the front, his head peering over the headrest. "Gustav and Georg are waiting at the hotel. We'll talk there."

Everyone went silent, Davey grasping Bill's hand and Tom placing his on his twin’s knee.


"Should we just make a video or something, spread it around?" Bill cocked his head to the side, looking at his boyfriend who was sitting on the other side of the room.

"I don't know, Bill. Maybe we should just wait," Davey smiled back, without even looking up from the paper he was reading. "David is trying to get us an interview, if he succeeds, we'll do that first. Then we can make a video or something."

"Okay," Bill sighed, jumping up from the bed and pacing the room. "I just hope it will be someone nice, someone who won’t ask us about our sex life.”

Making a face at his own thoughts, Bill continued to pace, his hair in front of his face like a curtain. He started to fiddle with the hem of his shirt; a nervous habit.

"Bill, relax. If we don't like the interviewer, we'll just tell David to call it off. We're not doing this because David, or your management, wants us to do damage control; we're doing this because our fans deserve it."

Bill nodded, walking over to Davey and taking the news paper out of his hands before sitting in his lap.

"I hope I never get too old for this,” he murmured, snuggling against Davey's neck and grinding his bum down. “Because I’ll do it anyway.”

“Ugh, I hope you won’t do it every day, you’re butt isn’t too comfortable.” Davey made a show of moving Bill around, trying to get him in a comfortable position.

Sticking out his tongue to Davey, Bill poked him hard in the chest. “That was not what you said last night.”

"Well, last night I didn't have your bony ass sitting in my lap, did I?" Davey loved to make Bill blush; he was still so innocent sometimes. "I was buried deep inside of you."

The door burst open, and both men were really glad Davey whispered that last part. David walked in, followed by Tom, Georg, Gustav and Michael.

"So, guys, I got you two lovebirds an interview and they say they will ask all the right questions. You can also talk to them before you go and decide on some questions that you want them to ask."

Jost looked at Bill and Davey, Bill's eyes still huge from almost being caught talking dirty and humping his boyfriend.

They both nodded, Davey taking the word. "That's amazing, thank you, David."

The manager looked Davey straight in the eye and then away, before mumbling something to Michael. The rest of the band members sat down on the bed, Georg whispering something to Tom that had to be at least a little amusing.

"The interview is around four; Michael will come and pick you up at three so you can get something to eat first. Then you'll get more information."

"What are we going to do, Dave?" Georg looked bored, really bored. "We don't have anything to do before Wednesday, that's two days without anything!"

"Take some time off, have some fun here and try to learn something." With that, the manager walked out of the door without another word.

The five men left in the hotel room looked at each other; Gustav shrugged and stood up, walking out the door and saying something about how 'learning something could be good for those two'.

"What did he mean by that?" Georg raised a brow, looking back and forward between the couple still cuddling in the chair and Tom sitting beside him. "Well, I'm going to take a nap before food; see you later."

After Georg left, the three boys left just sat there in silence for a while.

“Tom, do you know who he hooked us up with? I have bad experiences with some names,” Davey asked, petting Bill’s hair as the youngest yet again snuggled up to him.

Tom shook his head, watching the two with a smile. He was so happy for this little brother, and he was sure that Bill could have found worse than Davey.

“No, he didn’t tell me, it’s probably someone we don’t know about. David likes to use the ones who are not well known.”

"Alright, because there are some I know I don't want," Davey answered, a small smile adorning his lips. He kissed Bill's forehead, the German’s long legs dangling off Davey's lap.

"Mhm, Davey, you should come back to Germany with us later, when you have time," Bill murmured low, nuzzling his nose against the older man's cheek, almost asleep. "It would be so nice to show you around where I grew up, and maybe you can meet some of my friends."

Tom agreed, falling backwards on the bed and stretching a little. "Maybe Jade could come, too."

"Ooh, Tom, do you fancy their guitarist, or what?" Bill snickered, Davey smirking and patting Bill on the bum when he stood up. "Sounds like it."

Bill walked over to Tom and collapsed on the bed beside his twin, poking him repeatedly in the shoulder. "Well, he's nice and he's great on the guitar and such, of course, he's a great friend."

"So, nothing more?" Bill dragged out, wiggling his eyebrows at his twin. It was always fun to feel close again, and brotherly time was always welcome; even small moments like this with Davey there.

"Bill, stop it, please." Tom sat up, making Bill pout and Davey laugh. "I like Jade as a friend, alright, take it or leave it."

"You know what, Tom, can you leave?" Bill cocked his head and pouted even more, making big puppy eyes at his older twin. "I think the interviewer will ask about our sex life, and it would be a shame to have nothing to tell them, don't you think?"

Tom gaped at his little brother, eyes wide. "I...I, I really didn't need to know that." Standing and hauling his pants up, Tom said a short bye and ran out of the room.

Laughing, Bill shuffled over to Davey and pulled him up by the hand, draping his arms over then older man's shoulders.

"Maybe we should take a walk later on, we can always sneak out; you could protect me right?" Bill's voice was as innocent as possible; he twirled a small bit of his hair around a finger and pressed himself against Davey's body.

Leaning in, he closed the small distance between them with a love filled kiss.

"Of course I would," Davey murmured, "I would protect you from everything, because I love you."

Bill moaned, his tongue twirling around Davey's. Davey pushed him gently backwards, toward the bed.

"I love you, too."

Bill moved around; he couldn’t sit still.

Davey looked at him from the other side of the studio, waving at him as the sound guy wired him up. He waved back with a small smile.

So, David had apparently decided to book someone a little more known, he had said that this man would be perfect. He wasn’t too serious, but that would just lighten the atmosphere.

“Nervous?” Davey sat down on the sofa beside him, rubbing a hand over his knee.

“Not really,” he half lied, “You’ve met this guy before?”
Davey laughed; the fact that he was so calm made Bill feel better. He had really no idea why he felt so nervous.

“Yes, Alan is a great guy. He’s gay and, well, overly happy most of the time. He got a great sense of humour, so relax, this will go smoothly.”

“Okay.” Taking deep breath, Bill kissed Davey quickly on the cheek.


“You need to tell me, who came up with the idea of a blog?” Alan Carr smiled his wicked smile and spoke in his high pitched English accent. “Was it your management or did you just figure it out on your own?”

“Well, it was actually Bill’s twin, Tom, who helped us first. We wanted to blog because it looked so fun and we wanted people to look into our lives on a completely different level.”
Bill nodded, taking his turn.

“And of course, we wanted to be able to go public. We thought about having a press conference, just do an interview or just go out together – but our management, or my management, wasn’t too happy with that.”

Bill couldn’t believe he just said that; he could almost feel David rip his head off already. They were supposed to do damage control, whatever that was.

“We got help from Lee Martin, the same person who designed AFI’s homepage; he made it all and helped us with all the technical stuff.” Bill waved a hand in the air; he didn’t know anything about that.

Alan nodded, pushing his thick rimmed glasses up his nose again. “I see, so, the management was against you, as gays, or what?”

“I think they meant it would ruin our image, that it would make us loose all the fans that wanted to ‘be my girlfriend’.”

Alan nodded, looking like he was thinking hard. They had been sitting here for over an hour already, getting to know the man and answering the first part of the interview. How they met, how things developed and so on. Just some random babble was always fun, too.

“Is it real love?”

Bill blushed, looking at the crowd, spotting Tom standing behind the mass of people. He looked at Davey and took a sip of his water.

“I believe so; I never thought I would find someone that makes me feel like he does. Or someone I could feel so close to without worrying about my carrier and my second passion; music.

“Since he makes music too, it’s easier. He knows how I have it, with the fame and how we’re not living a normal life.”

“That’s true, we have things in common that helps a lot. I think that’s also one of the reasons many find love in people who have the same values, and especially the same lifestyle,” Davey added.

“That sounds wonderful. I would love to have someone fancy me like that.” Alan winked, making the crowd and couple laugh.

Bill was grateful for David now. He was sure the management could have found someone much worse.
”So, would you want children in the future?” Alan asked, crossing his legs and smiling. “Maybe adopt a little black baby from Africa, or even a vampire baby from the Bon Temps area?

“I’ve heard the father would be a Bill.”

The crowd laughed once again, Davey looking over at Bill with a sweet smile. Bill blushed and lowered his head.

“I think a vampire would be fun, don’t you agree, darling?” Davey squeezed his hand and Bill had to chuckle. “Since you’re one of them, it would be so amazing to adopt one of your own, wouldn’t it?”

“What, you like to suck blood there, you naughty German?” The interviewer pretended to be scandalized, holding his chest and pulling a shocked face. “Well, at least we know what your kink is.”

The crowd roared with laughter; Bill could even make out his twin’s laugher in between everyone. He thought about what Davey had said earlier; he should relax. Alan had to be one of the best they could have ended up with.

“Of course I like to suck blood, can’t you see that? I’m pale with black hair and wear makeup all the time, not to mention the feminine clothes.” Bill winked, leaning more to his flirty side.

He was glad he and Davey had had some fun before they left, though if Davey hadn’t have had anything against it, Bill would have taken a sip of Gustav’s wine.

He was giddy, anxious and excited all at once. He still had no idea how an interview with a man like Alan Carr would do anything for the management or anything.

The interviewer leaned over on one side, lifting an eyebrow and smirking at the couple. “What about marriage, open for that yet?”

Davey looked at Bill, a small smile on his lips. Bill smiled back, his eyes lighting up and hand squeezing around Davey’s.

“Well, maybe that.”

Everybody made an ‘ooh’ noise in the studio, Alan clapping with a squeal.

“Lovely! So, if you end up having a wedding, can I be the flower girl?” Everybody laughed, the easy atmosphere making everything so much easier. Bill tried to relax more; this wasn’t how he had pictured it at all.

But he enjoyed it more than the serious interviews he’d suffered through, before.

“But, let’s be serious here, now; you both sing in a band, two different bands.” Alan leaned forward, looking over his glasses with a wicked smile. “Do you think you would ever do something together; a song, a concert or even a tour?”

Davey sat back on the sofa, an arm resting on the back and a relaxed expression on his face.

“Well, we have already been thinking about it, since all our guys go together wonderfully. It would have been so much fun, of course, singing with Bill on stage, but I don’t think so yet. Maybe I’ll drop by one of their concerts and join in with him. We don’t know.”

Bill leaned back, snuggling against Davey and pouting at him.

“You never want to sing with me!” He poked Davey in the chest; he turned and looked at Alan, who was obviously amused. “Even in the shower he refuses.” Bill shook his head in mock sadness.

“Well, if you’re so up for singing with me, say a song.”

Bill looked at Davey with an uneasy smile, eyes squinting. “I don’t want to sing with you here and now, if that’s what you’re planning.”

Davey nodded, using his sweetest voice and leaning in to kiss Bill the lips, making everyone ‘aww’. “Well then, figure out what song and I’ll sing with you.”

“That’s a deal.”

“That would be like ‘A Fire inside Tokio Hotel’!” Alan grinned at the couple.

5 months later

"Bob, Enya, come here!" Bill laughed; the dogs were running around, playing and he was trying to get them inside again. He saw Tom coming down the street towards them and waved. "Come on now, you naughty dogs. You can't run away."

As Tom came closer, the dogs noticed and ran towards him, jumping up at him. Bill sighed and walked to them, swaying the leash in his hands.

"What's up?" Tom looked up at him from the ground, where he was sitting with Bob's ass in his face and Enya snapping her teeth beside him.

"Nothing, just needed some air and Gustav said you were out with them," Tom replied, standing up and brushing off his pants. "We should go back, sound check is in ten."

Bill nodded without a word and gave Tom one of the leashes so he could take a dog. They walked silently back to the venue, smiling and waving at some fans on the way.


"If you don't mind, we would like to play a new song for you now, it's not 'humanoid', believe me." Bill winked, speaking into the microphone. Everyone cheered; it was a small crowd, actually, only a couple hundred, but it felt so amazing to play such an intimate concert.

He just wished that Davey was here with him.

"So, let's start, shall we?" Tom started to play the intro, Georg fingering his bass when he was supposed to and Gustav creating a slow, soft beat.

The lyrics were beautiful, intense and filled with passion. Bill closed his eyes and sang, pouring all his feelings into the words. This was a song he once wrote with Davey, a duet they made to sing together, though it felt a little wrong to do it now, in front of people, without Davey there.

Davey had said that he wanted them to perform it, and Tom had agreed. He loved the notes and was simply addicted to playing it.

The chorus came and Bill could feel tears pricking behind his eyes. It was so powerful, so intense. Davey's part was coming up, and he could almost feel the American with him.

As the first word left his lips, he could hear Davey's voice singing with him; it was so strange. Especially when the crowd suddenly cheered loudly. He continued to sing his boyfriend's part, though he could still hear his voice.

He could still hear Davey's voice like it was right behind him.

Turning his head, just to be sure, Bill's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Davey walked over to him, singing to him with a big smile.

The song ended shortly after, and Bill didn't wait a second to throw himself at the older man, kissing him senseless and making the crowd go wild.

Every single girl in the audience stared in awe, making cooing noises at the couple.

"What are you doing here?" Bill whispered, holding Davey's face in his hands. "You're supposed to be in L.A!"

Davey just grinned, sneaking his arms around Bill's waist and pulling him against him before kissing him, hard, again. "I just missed you.”

"So, the blog wasn't good enough anymore?" he smirked, Bill had been blogging a lot on tour, making home videos and writing a lot. He had also made some special entries to Davey, putting them on private so Davey had to log in.

The crowd were suddenly so silent, watching the two interact on stage. They were gone, lost in their the little world.

"No, I needed to hold you."

People started cooing again, chanting 'kiss, kiss'. Davey turned to the crowd, a small smile on his face. He winked to the people at the front, and turned to Bill before pulling something out of his pocket.

"I'm not going to kiss him quite yet, so now, please, be silent for a minute." The room went silent, even Tom, Gustav and Georg didn't say anything as they stared at the couple.

Davey sighed and locked eyes with Bill, starring into those beautiful brown eyes. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

"Bill, you already know I love you. I love and adore you in every way possible; I never thought I could feel like this for anyone at all. You opened my eyes to something that I could only dream of.

"Even though you were born and raised in a country thousands of miles away, I was able to find you. No one ever told me that soul mates actually exist. But, I know, now, that you do exist.

“I believe that music has played a huge part in this, since without it, I probably would never have met you. Music has always meant a lot to me, but with you; music is something completely different.

"Bill Kaulitz, I have one thing I want to ask you and one thing only." Davey tightened his grip; the metal feeling like it was burning against his palm. Taking a step back so he was sure he had room on the small stage, Davey crouched down on one knee.

Taking a hold of Bill's hand, Davey opened his palm and held out the small silver ring.

"Will you marry me?"

Bill gasped. The whole crowd erupting into cheers. Bill was as content as ever, and as happy as he had ever dreamt of. Everybody knew, no more hiding. 

"Yes, I will marry you." Bill croaked, tears streaming down his face. This was only the beginning. 
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