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Long Story ♠ Public Happiness ♠ PART 1/3

Title Public Happiness
Bill is happy, happier than he has been in years. He wants to share it with the world. He want to tell everyone that he's in love, that he has his very own Davey Havok. 
Author ninaelisabeth 
Angst, Drama, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort
Bill Kaulitz, David Jost, Georg Listing, Gustav Schafer, Male Celebrity, Tom Kaulitz
Main Pairings
Bill/Male Celeb
Side Pairings
Adult Content, OOC
Word Count 6,922


He was waiting, longing to get into that tub, just to sink his tired body into the warm, bubbling, amazing water. Just to feel the water around his body, to feel his muscles relaxing and then to do some really dirty stuff.

“So, Bill, what about love? You’re twenty-one now, a year ago you were going on and on about how jealous you were of Georg having a girlfriend, how lucky he was. We haven’t heard a single ‘I’m looking for the one’ in almost a year now.”

Looking over at the boy sitting in front of him, his green eyes were shining and his smile was big. This was his first time interviewing someone so famous. He was almost buzzing with excitement, but, of course, he asked the same questions as everyone else. If he hadn’t been so cute, Bill would’ve been a sleep an hour ago.

“Like I’ve said before, this last year has made me realise how much I wanted to find love and how much that was holding me down. I only thought about finding the one, not someone. I want to focus more on life in general, all the good things that are happening to us and not the bad things. Of course, I still want someone special to spend my life with, but it’s not the most important thing. I’m trying to be more realistic.”

Smiling his perfected on-camera smile, Bill nodded, agreeing with himself. “I’m trying to think about how lucky I am; I have my twin, my family, my friends and, of course, the fans. How lucky I really am to be able to walk on stage every night, doing what I love the most.”

The blond boy nodded, his smile was big and bold. Bill thought about the tub again, and the new bubble bath he had bought at the airport earlier; he always shopped at the airports. He was longing for it, so bad; he didn’t even hear the next question. The smile fell from the boy’s face when Bill seemed to be elsewhere, not responding to him.

“Okay, well, let’s move on. It’s a little over year since Humanoid came out, can we expect something new and exciting coming our way soon?” The big smile was back; Bill sighed and answered the rest of the questions without really being there. He wanted to get home.

Bill could feel the excitement building; the water was flowing rapidly and filling the tub quickly. He stripped down to his boxers, taking his time to check out his body before getting rid of the black, tight fabric.

Moaning loud and clear as he sank down into the bubbly water, Bill almost melted from the feeling. He could feel the warm water work his skin and muscles; his sore, tired body was almost purring.

After a couple of minutes of just feeling the water, the black haired man got some more bubble bath and poured the blue-purple substance into the water, using more water to get the best effect. Playing with the bubbles and blowing them everywhere was always fun, even at twenty one.

He needed something else to relax completely though.

Smiling to himself, Bill reached over to the shelf beside him and got his phone. Opening a new text, he wrote a quick message before sending it off. The little device buzzed only thirty seconds later.

I’m already on my way, darling. Two minutes tops.

Bill smiled and put the phone down, letting his whole body sink under the water and sighing; this was going to be a great night. Closing his eyes, Bill didn’t notice the sounds of the door opening, a pair of feet walking quickly towards the bathroom and opening the door.

“You’re too beautiful like that.”

The water splashed around as Bill almost jumped out of skin; looking over at the door he saw the other man smirking. “Hi, why did you scare me like that?”

Davey chuckled as he walked over to the tub, taking his t-shirt off on the way. “I didn’t mean to scare you; I thought you heard me coming from the way I ran up here.”

Bill smiled as Davey got rid of his tight jeans and boxers, climbing into the tub with him. This was why he bought a big tub.

“Well, I didn’t hear you, but right now, I really don’t care.” Bill snuggled into Davey’s arms and felt the water splash around them. He traced his black nails over Davey’s chest, over the tattoos and down towards his belly button. Humming, instead of saying anything, Davey looked at Bill, tipped his head up and kissed him.

Bill smiled against the older man’s lips, teasing his tongue inside Davey’s mouth as he moaned. Bill let his hands work lower, taking up the task to pump his lover’s half hard dick.

Davey growled low in the back of his throat and dragged Bill on top of him, so the latter was straddling him. The water kept splashing around as they rubbed against each other, kissing and touching. “I want you in me. No lube, just the water.”

Davey could feel his dick twitch as he heard those words; it was over five weeks since the last time he had been inside Bill. Feeling his way down Bill’s behind, he found the little hole and teased it a little, before letting his finger slip inside.

Bill let out a gasp; it had been so long since he had felt someone else’s fingers inside him; he and Davey had been quite busy during the last couple of weeks, so they hadn’t had much time alone. But he had kept himself entertained when needed.

Snapping back to reality, Bill felt Davey push another finger inside him. He rocked back and forward, riding the older man’s fingers. “Dave...”

Davey scissored his fingers and looked up at Bill, who just looked back at him with dark, hooded eyes. Taking his fingers out, Davey couldn’t help but smirk at Bill enthusiasm; the youngest lifted himself over Davey’s cock and slowly sat down.

Bill started moaning from the feeling of the slick dick inside him and the water splashing around; he felt amazing. He couldn’t help but be mad at himself for not making time for this before, but when Davey snapped his hips upwards and brushed that spot inside of him, Bill forgot.

Bill crawled up the bed, laying his head on Davey’s chest and smiled as the steady rhythm of the older man’s breathing calmed him.

“Have you heard from the management yet?” Davey said with a low voice, he didn’t want to ruin this moment, but he needed to know.

Bill sighed and buried his face in Davey’s shoulder. “Yes, they’re really not happy with it, and they say that if David tries to help us with a press conference, he can kiss his job goodbye.” Bill could feel the tears behind his eyes, shutting his eyes tightly, he continued. “I don’t understand what the problem is, they say that I should be honest with the fans, and now it’s been over seven months. They let Georg go public, why not me?”

“Bill, you know why,” Davey mumbled as he stroked Bill’s long black hair, finally free from the synthetic dreads he had around the time of Humanoid.

“Yes, because I have a boyfriend and Georg got a girlfriend. But I want us to be public. I want the world to know that I’m yours,” Bill said as he dotted small kisses on to Davey’s neck, “and only yours.”

Moaning as Bill kissed the sweet spot on his neck, Davey answered; “Well, let us do it then.”


Davey looked at the two boys in front of him, cringing. They were fighting, or discussing quite loudly; it depended on how you looked at it.

“Are you insane? You’re going to go against the management by yourselves?” Tom yelled. The twins were standing inches apart; their breath mixing as they yelled at each other.

Bill suddenly looked like he was about to cry; the first tear dropped as he opened his mouth. “I want our fans to know, I want to be able to be with him outside these walls and if you don’t want me to be happy; I don’t care!” His voice was loud and ice cold.

Tom sighed, visibly defeated. “Of course I want you to be happy, Bill, but are you sure you want this? How do you think the fans will react, will they believe you when you say that the management denied you to go public?”

“I don’t know...”

“My point exactly. Think about it Bill, there will always be someone that won’t accept it; someone will say that you kept it from the fans because you didn’t want them to know, that you were lying. And what about the fact that you’ve denied the fact that you’re gay?”

“I’m not gay! You’re my brother, you know that.”

“So what do you call him, a girl?” Tom lifted an eyebrow at his younger twin and pointed at Davey, who were still sitting on the couch, in the corner of the room. Davey cringed again, which Bill noticed with a sigh.

“Okay, you’re right. But I’m not gay; I haven’t been in love or liked another boy, ever. So I can just say, I don’t know, I’m bisexual? Problem solved.”

Tom sighed for the hundredth time that evening and looked over at the oldest man in the room, pleading with his eyes, “Please, help me here, Dave?”

Davey shook his head, stood up and walked over to Bill, who was trying to get the small tears to stop running. “I’m with Bill on this. I don’t want to lie to anyone, not my family, friends or the fans. And I would love to be able to go outside with Bill, we haven’t been outside together because the management says that will cause a riot and the rumours will begin.”

“Of course the rumours will start, and that would be the worst thing you could do. You shouldn’t just go outside together and make out in a park or something; you should make it subtle; lurk in the most dedicated fan bases first, and let it spread. But again, you must do it direct, just tell them that you are together, don’t try to hide it,” Tom said as he started pacing, his hand on his chin and eyes on the floor.

“Wait, are you going to help us now?” Bill said, surprised, as he was hugged from behind, leaning against Davey’s broad chest and resting his chin against the other man’s head.

“No, you’re going to do the work. I’m just going to tell you what to not do.”

Davey and Bill looked at each other; Bill shrugged and Davey cracked a smile.


”Are you sure about this now?” Bill said with a serious look, holding his finger dramatically over the keys.

“Bill, this is not the end of the world or anything, just launching it won’t make the videos and pictures just pop up all over the internet. Just send it so we can go to sleep.” The pants made a clicking noise as they hit the floor, all the buttons and extra stuff scraping against the hardwood. Davey crawled into bed, smiling up at Bill as he patted the bed.

“Okay, I’ll just send it. Now, it’s sent. If this doesn’t work, I’m sure I’ll go insane and end up as a drooling mess on the floor, with a huge pool of drool underneath me.”

Laughing at his boyfriend, the oldest man watched with a small smile as the German boy undressed and jumped in bed with him.

“I love you,” Bill said in a whisper as he drifted off, the warmth from the other body lulling him to sleep.

Davey kissed the top of Bill’s head and snuggled down into the bed. “I love you, too.”


Eight months earlier…

Bill walked inside the studio, smiling at his older twin that sat on the couch. Tom strummed his guitar and let a couple of fingers run over the strings, humming silently as he played a little.

“Tom, would you come with me tonight?”

The older twin looked up with a raised eyebrow. Putting down the guitar, he locked the case and pushed it under the table.

“I didn’t think you knew any good clubs here in LA,” Tom said as he pushed the bandana further up on his forehead and patted the sofa beside him, so Bill could come and sit down. The youngest twin smiled and pushed himself away from the doorframe, and walked over to the sofa in three long steps.

Snuggling up against his brother, Bill sighed. “I just want to get out of here, this studio, the apartment; I’m so sick of it.” Picking at the big sweat pants that Tom was wearing, Bill mumbled, “There’s this concert tonight, though…”

“Who’s playing?”

“I have no idea, some local bands. But it would be fun, Tom; I’ve already talked to David and he said it was okay, we just have to take one of the bodyguards with us, preferably two. He said he would call the place if we were to go.”

Looking at Bill, Tom only saw the little kid, his little brother begging to go on a concert, just to be cool like the older kids. Well, he could never say no to Bill, even though they were both twenty now.

“I’ll go with you.” Before Tom could even say anything else, Bill jumped up from the couch with a cheer and started to dance around. Instead of saying what he meant to say, Tom just laughed.

“I need to call David!” Bill suddenly screeched and ran out of the studio, towards the apartment. “The concert starts at nine!”

Tom smiled and opened the guitar case again.


Jumping out of the car, Bill walked, no, stamped towards the big building, mumbling on and on about stupid David, stupid producers and stupid meetings about stupid songs in a stupid language he didn’t even understand.

The other four followed soon after, David walking a little further behind because of the devilish looks Bill was sending him.

When Bill had called to tell David that the twins wanted to go out, David had said that they had to meet up with the producers as fast as possible, so they might not be able to go. Bill, of course, had been pissed and started screaming on and on about needing some time off.

Now they were walking down the hallways, towards some of the LA offices. Bill had just put on some tight black jeans, a gray t-shirt and his Tokio Hotel hoodie. His white sneakers kept squeaking as he walked faster towards the dark blue door at the end of the hall.

Flicking his wrists, Bill knocked sharply on the door and opened it before he got an answer, the others in his heel.

Taking a step inside the door without looking in front of him, Bill smacked right into a hard chest, making him gasp.

“Oh, my, I’m so sorry; I didn’t see you there,” said a feminine but manly voice. Bill looked at the man and locked eyes with those beautiful brown ones opposite.

“I…I…” Bill stuttered, feeling lost as he gazed at the other man; the dark and blond hair and the light makeup. The man was handsome, beautiful even; his style simple but outstanding. Tight pink pants with a simple, light blue t-shirt.

“Bill! Boys, just come in, Davey was just about to leave, sadly. I think you would get along very well,” Scott Spock said with a smile.

“Well, bye, Bill, I hope I’ll see you again one time,” the man, Davey, said as he walked around Bill and out the hallway, waving and smiling.

Snapping back to reality, Bill looked over at the other five people in the room. David and Scott were chatting about nothing, while his band mates were staring at him with equally amused facial expressions, well, except Gustav of course, who just didn’t care.

“Well, let’s get this over with, I have a concert to get to.”


The crowd was wild as the second band walked off stage after the last song; these guys were actually pretty good. Bill smiled as they walked towards one of the booths; they were on the second floor, or the gallery, as they called it. The club used this as their VIP area, with an amazing view of the stage and a private bar.

He already loved this place; he had to remember to ask David about playing here, the atmosphere was that right.

Tom slipped onto the sofa and laughed at something Georg said; Gustav wanted an early night so Georg joined the twins instead of being an annoying shit around Gustav.

The third band appeared on stage and Bill zoned out as they turned out to be, well, crap. Having fun and joking about everything and nothing, the guys sat for at least twenty minutes before anyone thought about drinks.

“I’m thirsty, you guys want something?” Bill smoothed out his tight jeans as he stood up, cocking his head a little to the side so his faux hawk didn’t get stuck on the low ceiling, which was the only problem here.


“Same here, if you don’t mind ordering for me too, Bill,” Georg said with a smile, receiving a bigger smile from the youngest twin, who then scowled at Tom.

“That’s how you should say it, you spoiled brat,” Bill said childishly and turned around, his chains clinking together as he walked away.

Bill could hear the loud laugh that was his brother and couldn’t help but chuckle with them as he took the last steps and reached the bar.

“Can I help you?” The girl behind the bar was smiling; a natural smile, Bill noted. Her hair was purple and her makeup minimal, but it suited her.

“Yes, I want two beers for my friends over there, and just mix me something fruity and sweet.” The girl nodded and started to mix the drink right away, setting the beer taps to flow.

“Here you go, and I’ll come with the beers in a minute,” Purple Head said and turned towards the beer pump again. Taking the bright red drink, Bill sipped it before turning around to walk towards the booth.

Of course, his hawk touched the roof and something happened to make the twenty year old loose his balance, throwing the drink forward to land on someone.

“Oh,” said the owner of the now soaked t-shirt, “well, it’s good that I bought that shirt then.” the voice laughed.

“Fuck, shit, I’m so sorry about that, I have no idea what happened.” As Bill regained his balance and calmed his heart, he looked at the man.

It was Davey—the man from earlier.

“Wait, you’re Bill right, from Scott’s office?” The man smiled a warm, sincere smile. His brown eyes were sparkling with a secret source of happiness.

Bill nodded and felt his lips tug upwards; this man’s smile was contagious. Taking his outstretched hand, Bill blushed when the other man took it gracefully and lifted it to his lips, before kissing it tenderly.

“Well, nice to meet you Bill, I’m Davey Havok.”

Moaning loudly, Bill came and felt his whole body tense as Davey pushed inside him one last time. Pulling out slowly, he made a knot on the condom and flung it into the trash. Snuggling down under the covers with his lover, he smiled as Bill’s naked frame wrapped around him like a koala.

“Hmm, why are we always in bed?” mumbled Davey affectionately as he kissed Bill’s temple. Still in the post bliss that came after having that amazing cock inside him, Bill just hummed in response.

After a good ten minutes of snuggling and cuddling, Davey announced that they should make some food, as Bill’s stomach had made a loud growl that made him turn bright red.

Walking into the living area, Bill laughed loudly as he was lifted up and carried caveman style on Davey’s right shoulder.

“You, sit here, and I’ll make you some food,” the oldest commanded with an amused smile as he sat Bill on the counter, waving his finger like a parent talking to his child.

The black haired boy just smiled innocently and licked up Davey’s finger, sucking on the tip. Shaking his head, Davey wiped his finger on Bill’s cheek and walked over to the fridge, opening the door and humming.

Bill just laughed and wriggled a little bit, trying to get comfortable on the hard surface.

“What do you say to pancakes?” Davey poked his head out of the fridge again, looking at Bill with raised eyebrows and a big smile.

“Yes!” Bill squealed, clapping like a little kid. “Chocolate?”

“Sounds good,” Davey said as he bumped the fridge door closed with his bum, smiling brightly.


Stuffing the last pancake into Davey’s mouth, Bill smiled sweetly as some chocolate dripped down from the corner of his lips.

“You got something...” Leaning in, Bill licked the chocolate away, letting his lips graze Davey’s before pulling away “...there.

“What’s up with you licking and sucking on me today? First it was this morning,” Davey smiled as Bill blushed bright crimson at the memory. “Then when I was making breakfast, and now?”

“Well, I like to lick you then,” Bill purred as he crawled over the sofa and into Davey’s arms, sneaking his legs around Davey’s torso he grabbed the brown haired man’s head.

Smiling smugly, Bill leaned in and licked a line up his rough cheek, dotting kisses along his temple and down the other side.

“Hmm, not there, I want a kiss on my lips.”

“Really now?” Purring, Bill leaned in and brushed his soft lips against the other man, sticking his tongue out to lick over them. Teasing his way inside, Bill pressed his lips against Davey’s and moaned softly.

Kissing slowly and passionately didn’t last long; the kisses became more rough, sensual and simply arousing.

Breaking away from the oldest man, Bill smiled and ground down hard, making Davey moan soundly.

“Hmm, that’s good, you remember how we met?”

“Of course, first in Scott’s office and then at the concert, why?” Bill asked as he made a circle movement and ground their groins together.

“This reminds me of our first official date.” Davey smirked as Bill moaned and lost focus. “You know, we actually got together quite fast.”

“What? On our first date we hadn’t even kissed yet, how can this remind you of that?” Bill forced out as he rubbed against the other man. “And yes, I know, but I don’t mind.”

“Because it reminds me of why I fell in love with you, the feelings you give me.”

Moaning softly, Bill ground down one more time and kissed Davey hard on the mouth. Feeling like he needed to be as close to his boyfriend as he could, Bill pressed himself against Davey’s body, moulding them together.

Answering Bill’s sudden need for closeness, Davey kissed him with more passion and hugged him tight.

“Thank you,” Bill simply said as he broke the kiss, hugging Davey close. The older man understood.


Later that evening, the couple were lying on the couch, watching some crappy movie. Moving to look into Bill’s eyes, Davey broke the comfortable silence.

“We need to check our mail, we might have something new and exciting,” Davey wiggled his eyebrows comically, making Bill laugh before sitting up and almost running towards the library, which was actually just a bedroom with no bed, but a lot of books and a desk with a computer.

Smiling, Davey stood up and followed. Walking behind Bill’s chair, he leaned down, resting his jaw on the black haired head.

“Hmm, baby, look, we got mail,” Davey murmured as he breathed in the fresh scent from Bill’s shampoo mixed with hair dye. “Is it from Theory?”

“Yes, and he says that he will have it up and running on Sunday, maybe even before. He’ll use a simple, eh; I don’t understand this computer talk. We need to send him the pictures we want and our ideas on the layout. Bla, bla, bla, you need to read this through, I don’t understand half the shit he’s jabbing about.”

“I think he mean something that makes it easy for us to post entries, which is what you wanted right?” Bill nodded, making Davey’s head bob along. “So we just have to come up with a layout idea, you know how you want it?”

Humming almost silently, Bill’s face concentrated on the screen as he looked through multiple folders. “I have some ideas here.” Photoshop opened and a couple of pictures of different layouts popped up, some very simple and some very complicated, but still nice looking.

“What about this? And we could take some nice pictures of us two and make a something to have here?”

“Yeah, I like that one. We can always change the colours, if you want to; just try out different things here, cut and paste. I’m sure Theory can get it done like you want it.”

“Yeah, he’s quite good, that’s why I wanted him to do this for us. Since you know him, it will make it a little more personal too,” Bill said with a smile and turned around, kissing Davey softly on the lips.

“Yes, I thought so, too.”

Kissing Bill softly back, he lifted the younger man so he was standing and wrapped his hands around his torso. Breaking their small kiss, Davey leaned his head on Bill’s and breathed in the amazing smell that was his boyfriend.

“Should we start now?” Bill whispered, smiling sweetly. Honestly, he couldn’t wait to start this. He wanted everyone to know about the two of them and he wanted to have fun doing it. Lots of fun.

“Yes, we should take some pictures. I’ll get the camera; you get your ass in bed again.” Slapping Bill lightly on the bum, Davey walked out of the library and into the living room.

Fetching the camera, he checked that it was fully charged and the memory card empty; he had plans to take a lot of pictures. There was a few pictures on it, from last week.

Smiling amusedly at the pictures, Davey chuckled as he looked through them. Bill had clearly been bored when he had to attend that radio interview. It was pictures of everything and nothing; the dogs, some cereal, their bed and Bill’s humongous amount of makeup.

Clicking the button, a new picture popped up and this one was definitely not cereal. These pictures made Davey’s mouth drop, literally. Bill was only wearing boxers and he was posing in a way that would make his mother blush.

Making different noises as each picture popped up, Davey smirked and walked towards the bedroom, camera still in hand.

“Bill, I don’t think we need to take pictures, I have some seriously hot stuff here,” Davey said, smirking smugly. Bill was lying on his back on the bed, his head dangling over the edge, upside down.

He only looked up at Davey, and when the older man shook the big, black camera, Bill’s eyes went big.

“Oh,” He just said, smiling innocently as he flipped over on his stomach. Before he could react, Davey snapped a photo and chuckled. “Hey! I wasn’t ready.”

“You’re not supposed to be, these pictures are going to be natural, and only natural.” Jumping into bed with Bill, Davey flung himself on top of his boyfriend and snapped a couple of photos mid air.

Squeezing Bill hard against his chest, Davey grinned like an idiot on crack and manoeuvred the camera to take a picture of the two of them. Turning the camera, he found the picture and showed it to Bill.

“Oh my, I look like a squashed baboon!” Bill got out between giggle fits, shaking like a mad man from laughter.

Davey was quick to press the button and the camera clicked away. Bill only laughed more and rolled around in bed, getting tangled in the duvet and Davey’s legs.

“You’re so beautiful, babe,” Davey murmured lovingly and grabbed Bill’s hand, pulling him close and kissing him square on those luscious lips.

Humming, Bill wrapped himself around Davey and kissed him back. After some fumbling, Bill heard the lens focus and the camera click, making him chuckle against Davey.

Grinning like a mad man, Davey clicked send and leaned back in his chair. Feeling overly accomplished, he slapped his thighs before standing up and running over to the stereo.

He was alone, since Bill had some stuff to do in the studio; the boys were actually working on a new CD and Davey had a lot of time alone. Well, when he wasn’t in the studio or working himself. Clicking on the standby button, the stereo came to life and he found the right track.

Leaning into the pillows on the couch and relaxing his whole body, Davey let his ears be filled with the wonderful voice that was his boyfriend. He loved this song.

Bill came home last week, smiling sweetly and proudly before pushing the CD into Davey’s hands. It was a raw demo with new songs, some of them were only Bill singing and a piano or an acoustic guitar; specially written for Davey’s ears only.

Signing contently, Davey could feel the presence of his wonderful boyfriend, only through the words rolling out of the speakers. The older man had always appreciated Bill singing in his mother tongue.

It almost made him more mysterious, exotic.

When the song came to an end, and the next one started, Davey looked at his phone, hoping he just missed a text or Bill trying to call, but nothing. It was at least five hours before Bill would be back, probably longer.

The song that was now playing was also one of Davey’s favourites; it was calm with some parts that really stood out. This was in English, but the feelings behind each word were just as strong as it would have been in German. It was easy to hear that Bill had lived in the states for a while, and spoke English on a daily basis.

The demo ended and a German lullaby started, slowly spreading around the apartment and warming Davey’s body.

Snapping his head up as the door bell rang, the man looked at it with a raised brow, as if he could see who it was. He shouted a quick “I’m coming!”, before standing up and walking over to the door. Without peeking into the peephole, he opened the door.

Sadly, nothing could have prepared him for who was standing there.


Hearing laughing and two familiar voices, Bill slipped off his shoes and walked towards the kitchen, curious. What he saw wasn’t what he had expected at all.

Simone and Davey were standing by the counter, with equally ugly aprons covering their fronts as they continued to laugh and throw flour at each other.

“Bill, sweetie, you’re home,” Simone squealed, as she dried her hands on her apron, before hugging her youngest son.

“You didn’t tell me that your boyfriend was such a beautiful man, I’m sad you haven’t introduced us before,” she stage whispered, even though she switched to German without thinking about it.

“Mom, what are you doing here? In LA?” Bill hugged her back, staring over her head at Davey, who was just smiling at the little reunion.

“I wanted to see you; can’t a mother miss her son when he lives almost six thousand miles away?” Simone faked a hurt voice as she stepped back to look at her son, taking in every line on his face.
“I’ve missed you so much,” she said, and hugged his torso again.

Davey walked up to the two hugging and wrapped his arms around them. “It looked so cosy, I just had to join in,” he chuckled.

Lifting his chin from where it was resting on his mothers head, Bill kissed Davey softly on the lips. Simone made a cooing noise as she peeked upward at the couple.

“You’re too cute together.”

Bill blushed as he broke free and giggled as he hugged the two people. He looked over at the kitchen counter, sprinkles and colourful frosting everywhere.

“What have you two been up to, anyways?” Bill asked, breaking free and walking over to the plates filled with chocolate cookies.

“Oh, I had rainbow frosting and Ricemellow creme, so we decided to make s’mores. The graham cracker part was my mother’s graham crackers recipe cut into rounds instead of rectangles and baked for a shorter time so they still were a little soft.

“Then, we spread a thin layer of peanut butter, squirted on some rainbow frosting, dolloped on Ricemellow, froze them, coated them in chocolate, and topped them with sprinkles,” Davey said in one breath, smiling big as he pointed to the different ingredients.

Bill smiled big and looked over at his mother; she was standing by the kitchen table, a gorgeous smile on her face. Her dark brown hair was a little longer than he remembered, maybe a little darker, too. The lines around her eyes were a little more defined, but it was clearly from smiling and a lot of laughing.

She was beautiful; she was just like he remembered. She was here.

“Hmm, it looks wonderful. But Momma, what are you doing here? And how did you meet?” Bill asked as he leaned on Davey, smiling at him as he wrapped his arms around him.

“Well, Gordon and I had planned to visit you, but because of a project I had, we couldn’t just leave. Something came up and I couldn’t get the material I needed in time, so they dropped it. Gordon surprised me with plane tickets the day after. I think David had something to do with it.”

Bill nodded, looking over the kitchen as Simone kept talking about their grandparents who missed them back home.

“So you’re staying at a hotel?”

“No, we’re staying at Tom’s; we didn’t even know that you moved on your own! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Bill chuckled as he ushered his mother into the living room, forcing her to sit down on the dark couch, before plopping down beside her.

“Well, I told you I moved in with Davey didn’t I?” Simone nodded and Bill continued. “I thought it was clear then, or did you think that Tom moved in with us? Mom, he’s living two blocks down from here!”

They chuckled, Simone smiling at her son. She couldn’t remember seeing him so happy; not even when he came home from band practice, telling her that they were going to be superstars and take over the world. He was really growing up.

“I didn’t think about it, it’s just too weird for me that you two moved apart, but I’m happy for you, my little boy – becoming a man.”

Grabbing Bill’s hands, she dragged the tall boy into her lap, burying her nose in the black hair as she inhaled.

“Simone, I think your phone is ringing again,” Davey said as he poked his head around the wall, looking at the two on the couch. “Aw, mother and son, nothing is more beautiful.”

“Ha-ha. Could you be an angel and check who’s calling? If it’s Gordon or Tom you can just take it.”

Nodding, Davey’s face disappeared around the wall and soon enough you could hear him laughing loudly into the phone.

“So, you didn’t answer my question about how you met Davey. Did you just show up and say you were my mother?” Bill’s voice was calm as Simone stroked his hair, lulling him into a peaceful state.

“That sounds about right,” she chuckled. “I asked Tom to bring me here before he went to the studio, though he said you were probably already there, but I wanted to try my luck. You were never the early riser.

“I took the elevator up as he told me and walked out, then I heard your voice sing Grandma’s lullaby through one of the doors. I heard it was a CD but I still knew you wouldn’t give that to anybody. I rang the door and then Davey opened; such a handsome man. I smiled at him and asked if you were inside, but sadly you had already left.

“He just looked at me, deep into my eyes, and then he asked me if I was your mother,” she murmured, petting Bill’s hair and rocking him back and forth. “He said we have the same eyes.”

“Yes, we do,” Bill whispered, almost asleep. It felt like he was a little boy again, lying in his mother’s lap as she played with his hair. “I love him, Momma, I really do.”

“I know, honey.”

Davey’s voice broke the peaceful silence that was only disturbed by equally beautiful German whispers. He cringed as he walked up to the couch, feeling like he was intruding on something too beautiful.

“I’m sorry to disturb, but that was Tom. He and Gordon are coming over. They’re bringing the dogs and food.”

Everyone laughed as Bill’s tummy responded with a loud growl. Food sounded good.

Taking a long sip of the clear bottle, Davey wiped is mouth with his hands and gave the man sitting on the other side of the glass a thumbs up. He would sing this one more time and then he needed a break, before he wet his pants.

Singing the bridge one more time, he smiled, feeling great about this song already. Tapping his headset he heard the sound of voices.

“I’m taking ten, I need to pee.”

“You can take thirty; we need to fix something before we take the verse again and I think there is someone you want to talk to…” The man, who Davey already forgotten the name too, he was new, smirked.

Cocking his head to the left, Davey saw a black headed beauty walk over to the microphone, leaning sensually over the panel and taking a hold of the microphone.

“Hi there stud,” Bill purred, getting a couple of long glances from the other men in the room. “Are you going to join me, or do I have to eat my lunch by myself?”

Smiling and shaking his head, Davey put the headset on the stand and walked out of the booth, getting an armful of Bill.

“Hi there beautiful,” He said and pressed his lips against the younger man, just kissing him softly. “I will gladly join you for lunch, darling.”

Giggling a little, Bill wrapped himself around Davey’s body as the older man led them out of the room and towards a more private place.

“What the hell was that?” The older man laughed, dragging Bill over to the couch. Bill never acted like that in front of people he wasn’t sure knew about them.

“What, can’t I have some fun too?” Bill giggled as they fell on the couch, Bill on top of Davey. “I like it when they’re jealous, when I know they know it. ‘He’s Davey’s, and only Davey’s.’”

“Oh, I understand,” Davey nodded, still having a hard time keeping his smile off his face. Bringing Bill lips to his own, the brown haired man kissed his younger boyfriend softly, both smiling as they did so.

“I hope you would,” Bill whispered lovingly, sneaking his hands around Davey’s neck and nibbling on the older man’s bottom lip, earning him a small moan. The simple kissing slowly turned out into something more.

Rubbing against each other and licking lips, the two moaned and groaned, mumbling small words to the other as they craved to be closer.

“I want to go home…,” Bill panted, nuzzling his nose into Davey’s collarbone. “I want you.”

The brown haired man grinned before stroking a couple of long black strands behind Bill’s ear, “But I can’t leave…,”

Davey’s voice was interrupted by a typical elevator song blasting from his pants pocket, the device vibrating right against Bill’s slowly growing hard on. Bill moaned a little, pressing his groin against the phone.

“Nhg, I want…,” He pressed out, rubbing furiously against Davey’s hip.

Chuckling, the man on the bottom pushed softly at Bill’s shoulder, pushing him off and beside him. “It’s Theory, maybe it’s something about the site.”

Huffing, Bill lay down on the couch as Davey stood up and fished the vibrating piece of metal out of his pocket.

Ignoring Davey’s voice greeting Theory and babble about some computer shit, Bill stretched out on the grey couch, wiggling his bum a little. Getting comfortable, he palmed his dick, squeezing it through the denim.

He made an approving noise in the back of his throat, craving the touch so bad he almost ripped open his pants right there and then. “Fuck it,” He mumbled as he popped open the top button and sneaked a hand inside the black boxer. Stroking himself lazily.

He could hear Davey stutter over the phone, he had probably walked over to the door and then turned to see Bill’s hand inside his boxer.

“…Theory, I’ll tell Bill and then we’ll come over, thanks again.”
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