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Short Story ♠ Moments Between Sleep ♠ One-shot

Title Moments Between Sleep
They finally learned how to enjoy the moments between sleep, together.
Author ninaelisabeth 
Characters Bill Kaulitz, Original Female Character, Original Male Character, Tom Kaulitz
Genre Established Relationship, First Time, Fluff, Humor, PWP/Lemon, Romance, Twincest
Main Pairing Tom/Bill
Side Pairing None
Warnings Adult Content, OOC
Word count 8,000+
A/N This is for remy_jen, because I was lurking around her formspring and asking questions and she didn't complain. I hope you enjoy! Thanks tolittlemrstom  and Sweet Dee for beta.


"These moments between sleep is our life."

The black haired man slipped the sunglasses on, smiling to himself as he laid eyes on the beautiful sight.

“Bill, stop daydreaming and come here, we need to check in.” The twenty year old sighed and shook his head, his long hair falling down over his shaved sides. “Bill, today please.”

“I’m coming,” Bill snapped back at his twin brother, just catching a glimpse of a head with black cornrows disappearing around the corner. “I’m coming.”

He hoisted his massive purse up on his shoulder again, taking a hold of the suitcase handle before shuffling after Tom, his twin.

The sliding doors opened and the waft of cold, fake, air-conditioner air met his face. It was a delicious difference from the sun and warmth outside.

Bill looked around. He couldn’t see his brother anywhere, and the idea of being alone, without even a bodyguard, was horrifying. He never knew where those squealing girls spent their holidays.

Bill wasn’t usually the type who went on holidays. He was an artist, a performer. He was someone who lived to stand on a stage and sung his heart out; someone who enjoyed nothing but entertaining people.

His life was on the road. On tour all around the world, with his brother and friends, not a regular office job or in school; show business. But now, he needed some well deserved rest.

The resort they’d found was amazing. They were now on the Maldives Islands, North Malé Atoll, thousands of miles away from Germany. The bungalows were what made Bill fall in love with this place. They were all placed in the middle of the ocean, and that was just the amount of privacy they needed. They didn’t have to think about disturbing next door neighbours.

A small hand touched his shoulder and Bill quickly snapped out of his train of thoughts. “This way, Mister Kaulitz,” said a petite lady with broken English.

Her dark brown hair was in a small ponytail. Green eyes standing out like emeralds. She pointed a finger towards a door opposite where Bill had entered.

A man nodded at Bill, taking his luggage and walking behind them.

“This way.” Bill followed after her, pushing his sunglasses on top of his un-styled head. “Your brother already checked you in. He said to tell you that he went to the restroom and will follow soon after.”

Bill nodded, looking out the windows as they passed. The hallway was long. A light shade of brown was visible around the massive windows. All he could see outside was endless blue; the blue ocean and the blue sky.

“You have booked the most luxurious bungalows on the resort.” They walked out a new sliding door and out onto the pier stretching over the clear ocean. Bill gasped silently; it was so beautiful.

They walked on the planks, the water splashing against the poles underneath them. The bungalows were huge; like a cabin on poles in the water.

They walked a great distance, to the bungalow that was farthest from the mainland.

“We all hope you will enjoy your stay,” said the lady and unlocked the door, giving Bill a copy of the key card. She nodded at Bill and shuffled back over the pier to the main house.

Bill entered the miniature house. The hallway was beautifully decorated; the living area was a gorgeous shade of golden brown. Tiny, light blue ornaments were splattered across the wallpaper.

“Where do you want your luggage, Mister?” Bill had almost forgotten about the man standing behind him. “Shall I place them in your bedroom?”

The German nodded absently, too occupied with ogling the kitchen to do anything else.

The front door closed and Bill let out a breath. He was still wondering where Tom was.

He moved over to the living area, tracing a finger over the back of the couch. They had booked two whole weeks here, two weeks without any nagging manager. Without any interviews or photo shoots – two weeks of freedom and peace.

Bill lay down on the couch, removing the shoes on his feet and the sunglasses on his head. He just lay there for a while, simply enjoying the thought of rest. It didn't take long before sleep took over and he fell into a light slumber; dreamless and fearless.

It must have been an hour, nothing more, maybe even less. "Bill."

Bill could feel his brother poking him in the side, every poke harder than the one before. "Little mouse, wake up, wake up, or I’ll kiss your sweet little nose."

Tom's airy laugh made Bill smile and groan at the same time. "Stop it, you jerk."

"No, you need to wake up so we can take a look at this place and unpack. It's only seven in the evening, the night is still young."

The sleepy twin nodded, sitting up on the couch and taking a second look around. The room hadn't changed, but the light was dimmer. It was still so impersonal. Bill never thought about how much difference personal objects can make. Photos, flowers and memories.

"Hey, stop thinking and come. If I’m right, you haven't checked out the bedrooms yet, since then that would have been the first thing you had commented on."

Tom stood up from where he was sitting on the table and patted Bill's messy hair. Tom wasn't wearing his natural clothes, the baggy jeans and too big t-shirts. Now he was only wearing swimming shorts and a wife beater, showing off his toned arms.

It made Bill blush; for what, he didn't know.

"Okay, I'm coming." The feeling of déjà-vu rushed through him as he stood up and repeated the two words, walking stiffly after Tom.

They walked down the hallway, passing a couple of doors before stopping by the last one. Tom grinned like a little kid on Christmas Eve, his deep brown eyes sparkling with joy. He pushed the door open and almost skipped inside.

Bill shook his head with a laugh. Tom must have already checked out all the rooms, since he was so certain on where to go. Bill held the door and walked in after the ten minutes older boy; Tom was already dancing around the pool, almost flailing.

"Look at this!"

The room was well sized, almost the size of the living area and kitchen combined. The far wall was only windows, covered by curtains and drapes. Bill could see the sun deck outside, a couple of chairs placed around a wooded table; one of those big outdoors kitchens was placed on the left side with what seemed like a juice bar connected to it.

Inside was covered in bamboo, on the walls and on floor; the small pool was placed in the middle of the room, lined up with the floor. It wasn't big enough to swim around in, but it looked like it was built like a large bubble bath.

There was a sauna and a massive bathroom linked up to the room. Everything making Bill's sore muscles scream for attention.


They searched through the rest of the house. The bedrooms were both suites; king sized beds and an own private walk-in closet with a bathroom. Bill took the green one and Tom took the blue one.

It was already past nine by the time they were done unpacking and checking out every single corner of the bungalow. The twins were both hungry and cranky.

“Tom, should we just get something to eat, sleep and take a look at the resort tomorrow?” Bill whimpered. His tummy was growling and he was dead tired.

“Let’s call the reception and ask, the man that followed me here told me that we have a private butler, but since we arrived so late today, he wouldn’t arrive before tomorrow.” Tom jumped from the couch and ran out to the kitchen, finding the phone and dialling the speed dial to the front desk.

Bill went into the bathroom, doing his business and washing his hands before splashing some cold water on his face. His stomach growled embarrassingly loud and he cracked a smile. Drying his hands on the towel, Bill walked into his bedroom.

The flat screen TV was placed right over the king-sized bed, which was placed almost in the middle of the room. A small vanity was beside the door and a full length mirror hung on the other side of the room.

Bill found some airy pants and a tank top and changed. Just as he had stripped down to his underwear, the door opened and Tom stood leaning against the door frame.

“I ordered a couple of sandwiches and French Fries. Sounds good?” Tom smiled, his eyes roaming over his twin’s body.

“Sure.” Bill pulled the shirt over his head and smiled.

It didn’t take long before a man came to the door with their food. He placed the plates on the dining room table and left with a small nod.

The twins ate while chatting; it was nice to just be them, even though they lived together back in Germany, it was different when they were thousands of miles away from everyone they knew.

In under an hour, the food was gone and they were both sleeping soundlessly in Tom’s bed; both wrapped around each other like spaghetti.

Bill groaned as the sun shone through the curtains. The light blue walls seemed to smile at him as he opened his eyes. It didn’t take long before he was awake for real, stretching his body with a satisfied moan.

“What should we do today?” he mumbled to himself. He sat up in the bed, just to fall right back onto the plush pillows and blankets. “Five more minutes can’t harm anyone.”

Just as he let his eyes close again, they snapped open. He didn't choose the blue room. Looking around, he noticed that he was alone, no sign of Tom anywhere. He strained his ears, but not a single sound.

He flung his legs over the edge of the bed, grabbed a robe and padded out in the hallway. Nothing, still no sign of his brother. "Tom?"

The door to the pool room was open, and Bill thought he could hear the faint sounds of splashing. Wrapping the robe around his waist and tucking some loose hair behind his ear, Bill shuffled down the hall.

Tom was sitting in the big tub, as Bill had decided to call it, and the bubbles were on. Tom's head was thrown back, eyes closed and, if Bill listened closely, he was sure he could hear his brother snoring.

With a wicked smile, Bill decided to have some fun with his brother.

Slipping the robe off, Bill looked around before pushing his boxer off, too. He climbed into the bubbles and gasped; it was scolding hot. Ignoring his skin’s complaints about the burning water, Bill sat down in the water edge beside his brother and laid his head on Tom's shoulder.

"What?" Tom said, apparently, he hadn't been completely asleep. "Oh, you're awake."

"You know we're safe here, Tom. To do what we want. No one can disturb us; no one can come in for a surprise visit and catch us doing something we shouldn't," Bill whispered, his eyes staring at one spot on the far wall.

He had thought about this, somewhere during the day previous, mostly on the plane here. It was ages since they had done anything together, he couldn't even remember the last time they’d kissed.

He couldn't even remember the last time Tom asked him when they could go all the way. At some point that was all Tom had said to Bill for days. Bill had simply come to the conclusion that Tom didn't want him anymore, not like that. Just like a brother. Since Bill didn't want to give himself to Tom yet, Tom had just given up on him and moved on. Probably. 

"I know, I've thought about it. I can't even remember the last time I kissed you."

Bill tore his eyes away from the wall to look at his brother, had Tom actually say that? "You still want that?"

"Want what?" Tom moved and grabbed Bill's hips, sliding the younger twin onto his lap so he was straddling Tom. "Oh, you went commando."

Bill blushed and looked at anything else other than Tom, one arm resting on the older twin's shoulder.The slight friction from Tom's swimming trucks and the thought of sitting like this with Tom's hands touching him were making Bill shudder and wiggle.

Tom's curious hands travelled over his ribs, tickling his skin along with the bubbles. Bill squirmed more; Tom's hands were rougher than his, more callused, from years of playing the guitar, and it had been a while since he had felt them against his skin.

"You didn't answer my question, you know," Tom murmured, leaning in to kiss at Bill's collar bone. "What do I still want?"

Bill continued to squirm, all he could look at was that blue ocean through the window behind Tom's head; he couldn't look at his twin. He would just blush too hard.

"Me, you know, us, this."

Bill moaned silently in surprise as Tom pulled his hips down, creating more friction. Tom's swimming trunks were slipping off, slowly but surely. Tom leaned up, capturing Bill's lips in a small kiss. Bill went soft, his hands finding Tom's cornrows and massaging them lightly.

Bill was almost bursting at the seams. He had always loved his twin, but the last couple of years, he had thought about his brother in a very different way. When he finally got the courage to tell Tom, after a couple of shots and other liquid forms of a truth serum, Tom had kissed him.

That started it all.

Bill broke the kiss and leaned back, finally looking at Tom and catching his eyes. Tom was looking at him with a small smirk, but his eyes told him what Bill needed to know.

With a small smile, he leaned in and placed a quick kiss on Tom's lips before kicking against the wall and disappearing under the bubbly water. Bill resurfaced again, with his back against Tom, and climbed up the stairs underneath the water, his bare ass on display for Tom to ogle.

Bill grabbed the robe on the floor and without much more than a glance back at Tom, left the room.

The days went by, nothing much happened. Everything was back to how it had been; they were twins, who from time to time flirted like there was no tomorrow, and from time to time, made out all day long.

They had just spent every single second together, doing everything and nothing. They needed some time together, without the stress that surrounded their usual day.

They had been in the Maldives for almost a week now, and Bill was already dreading the day they had to leave. It felt good to have a vacation.

"You know that I will never leave this place now, it's too amazing here," Bill murmured around his pancake. Tom smiled and poured some orange juice into their glasses.

"Want me to make some coffee?" Bill nodded and took a sip of the juice.

When the butler had arrived on the second day, they had quickly told him that they would call him if they needed something. There wouldn't be too much alone time if the butler walked around their heels all the time.

"So, what should we do today?" Bill asked. Tom pretended to think for a while; it was already four in the afternoon and they had reserved a table at eight, and if he knew Bill right, he probably wanted to shower before that.

Tom sat down on the chair beside Bill and pulled him closer, the chair scraping against the floor and making Bill laugh. Tom cracked a smile.

"Maybe we can take a swim, just spend some time in the water outside and then spend an hour in the sun before it goes down?"

"And then we could use the sauna, take a shower, and be ready for our date later," Bill concluded, smiling.

Tom leaned in and kissed Bill harshly on the lips, smiling against his mouth. "Yeah, so, race me to the water?"


They both ran, laughing like idiots, into their separate bedrooms and to get their swimming trunks. Bill laughed so hard while trying to get into his trunks, falling over his own feet and ending up like a flailing mess on the floor.

"What the hell are you doing?" Tom was standing by the door, his breath rabid and chest falling.

Bill stopped flailing and instead got to his feet, pulling up the shorts and smiling a cheesy grin. “Nothing, let’s swim.”

The water had been unbelievable. They were both walking around the house, soaking wet and dripping all over the place.

Bill walked straight into the sauna, which they had turned on before going outside. The sun was setting and it was getting too late to soak up the sun, so they saved that for tomorrow.

Bill sat down on the wooden planks and waited for Tom, who had to pee before coming. He shimmed out of his trunks and wrapped the towel around his waist instead.

Tom opened the door and grinned at him, he, too, had only a towel around his waist. "Jesus, it's hot in here."

"Duh." Tom's grin didn't disappear and he sat down beside Bill, letting Bill lean on him with a contented sigh.

"You know, this makes things more interesting..." the youngest mumbled, tracing small patterns on Tom's wet thigh.

Tom raised a brow at his younger brother. "It does?"

"Before, I never wanted to go the whole way with you, because I was always too scared that someone would find out. That someone would catch us and then hell would break loose," Bill babbled on, taking a deep breath before continuing. "But, maybe, here, no one would catch us."

Bill could feel his cheeks blush bright crimson; he never felt embarrassed like this, only when it came to sex, well, at least with his brother. Anything sexual with his brother made him all mushy. Maybe it was love.

Shaking his head softly at the absurd and very cheesy thought, Bill looked at Tom. His eyes seemed distant. He was thinking, hard.

"So, you're saying that..." And when Tom thought hard, it was very obvious how slow he could be. "That we..."

"Yes, I want it."

Both of Tom's eyebrows were now raised, his mouth forming an 'O' in surprise. He had not seen this coming.

"Just, think about it." And with that, Bill was out of the sauna and on his way to the showers. He needed some time to himself, and to take a long cold shower before they went out for dinner.

Bill had looked around the house. It was empty, no signs of Tom anywhere.

“I’m sick of this déjà-vu feeling,” he mumbled to himself, walking aimlessly around the living room. The twenty year old walked over to the windows and laid a hand on the cool glass.

The sun had set and it was almost pitch black outside. The only source of light was coming from the lanterns on the pier and the distant torches from the main house. Bill leaned his forehead on the surface, the glass fogging up with every breath he took.

“I want this,” he repeated to himself in a low murmur.

Bill heard a beep coming from the door, signalling that someone had swiped their key card. He lifted his head and caught Tom’s reflection in the window.

“Wow,” Tom breathed, stopping in his tracks. Tom seemed to straighten up, composing himself. “You’re ready?”

The younger twin nodded, picking at the sleeves of his long, black sweater. “Let’s go.”

The walk over the pier was silent; the air was suddenly so heavy between them. The tension made Bill’s skin crawl. The only sounds were from the wind blowing in the lanterns, the small waves of water hitting the poles and then disappearing before they hit the beach. There were some birds singing in the distance and of course, the sounds of two pairs of feet shuffling over the wood.

Bill thought about what he had said earlier. Maybe, somewhere deep inside, he regretted it. He was certain that he would regret it if this was how the rest of the week would end up.

They followed the path down where Bill arrived the first day, but instead of going inside, they took a different path behind the building, following a path through the bushes and exotic flowers.

Bill walked behind Tom. Somehow, Bill felt he should apologise, maybe that could save the night. Stopping in the middle of the path, Bill reached out for Tom, lightly touching his shoulder.

"Tom, I, about what I said earlier, in the sauna..." Tom had turned, his eyes smiling at Bill. Bill struggled to choose his words; he didn't want to ruin their last week here, and especially not tonight.

"If you don't want to, I understand that, I only wanted you to know that I want it. We don't have to do it, it's completely okay. I just thought that since you wanted me so badly before... maybe you still did."

Bill felt his cheeks pinken, though he thought his ears were probably the brightest shade of red now. Again, he couldn't make himself meet Tom's eyes; he kept his own focused on the ground. The path was covered in light brown stone with beautiful carvings of flowers in it.

"Bill, look at me." Tom' voice was something Bill couldn't fight. He looked up; Tom stepped closer and hugged him hard, pressing his face into the nook of Bill's shoulder and just holding him tight.

Bill relaxed. His whole body slumped against Tom's. If one of them moved, the other one would fall. It was how it worked, they both needed the other to stay up. Neither of them could survive if the other one left.

"Bill, don't think like that. I want you, as a brother, a twin and if you’ll let me," Tom took a deep breath, his voice falling low so that his next words were only a soft whisper in Bill's ears. "....your lover."

The adrenaline flowed through Bill like a drug. It was all so surreal, but he knew it was real. As real as it could ever be and he pulled Tom impossibly closer.

"Yes, yes, yes," he chanted, placing small kisses all over Tom's face before finally finding his lips. They didn't care right now; they were sure that there were other people around here. Photographers, even.

But now, they just needed each other.

"We should go and eat and then we can go back to the bungalow." Bill nodded and placed a final smooch on Tom.

They walked the final distance together. The path ended at a huge wood veranda, built like an extra floor on the sandy ground. Tom walked right beside Bill now, guiding him with a hand on his lower back.

"Hello, how can I help you tonight?" They were met by an older man that reminded Bill a little of David, though maybe in about ten years or so. Bill snickered.

"Table for two, Kaulitz." They had quickly found out that it was no use using fake names. Even people down here recognized them by now. The man nodded with a small smile and grabbed two menus. The twins followed him down two steps and onto what seemed like a more private part of the outdoors restaurant.

The waiter showed them their tables and asked for what they wanted to drink. Soon, he disappeared to get their drinks.

"So, what do you want?" Tom was already reading quickly through the menu, flipping the pages fast. "I'm thinking calamari with something."

"Hmm, sounds good." Bill mumbled. The waiter from earlier came and placed two high glasses of cola the table, asking if they were ready to order food. Tom ordered two garlic breads and two of the fried Calamari.

Bill looked out over the bushes. He was sitting so he could see the water below the horizon, but there were a lot of bushes and flowers in the way. Tom sat on his left side, looking around the restaurant and sipping on his coke.

"You look beautiful without makeup on."

Bill looked over at Tom again. The older twin was smiling dumbly at him; that spark in his eyes was still there. Bill felt his ears heat up and he kicked Tom’s shin under the table.

In seconds, they were both laughing like idiots.

They talked. Just talked about the upcoming tour, about the past week, the last year, the new album and what they could look forward to during the coming year.

It didn't take too long before the food arrived and they both munched happily.

"Do you remember when we shot the video for Automatisch, when Georg fell on his ass when he tried to climb that pile of metal junk?" Tom's laugh was simply contagious; Bill couldn't help but snort at the memory and laugh with him.

"Or, do you remember when Gustav and David played chess in the studio, and Georg sat there complaining all the time?" They both cracked up even more. The other guests were looking at them and the waiter kept shaking his head with a very amused smile.

Bill held up a piece of lettuce, taking a bite before flinging it at Tom. "Oh, do you remember Heidepark?"

Tom removed the green vegetable from his head and placed it on his own plate. Bill pursed his lips, trying not to laugh too hard.

Tom smiled, looking up at Bill and down to his plate again. "I remember. It must be one of the best birthdays I've ever had."

Bill nodded, putting down his fork and taking a cigarette from his pants pocket. He lit the fag and took a deep drag, blowing it out over Tom.

“So, ready for desert?”

They stumbled backwards into the door. The walk back over the pier had been very interesting after a couple of shots; Bill was sure he wasn't drunk, just a little tipsy.

Bill giggled and fell down on the floor in front of the table, probably trying to lay down the couch but failing hard. Tom locked the door after them and walked over to the windows, pulling the curtains shut and blocking the view for anyone lurking outside.

Bill crawled around the table and up on the couch, sitting there with a goofy smile and his head cocked to the side.

"Tom, come here." Tom did as he was told, or rather, commanded. Walking over to Bill and sitting down on the couch beside him. Bill quickly straddled him. Firstly, he pushed his pants clad bum down, grinding against Tom's crotch.

Then, he removed the humongous watch Tom always seemed to have on his wrist, dropping it on the flood with a thud. "Oops."

Bill laughed and leaned forward, holding Tom's chin with both hands and pressing their mouths together in a half sloppy kiss. The innocent kiss soon turned out to be more.

Tom moaned. Bill was circling his hips and moving so wonderfully. Their tongues met and in that instant, Bill felt himself sober up.

In a matter of seconds, he felt better. He was glad they hadn’t drunk too much, because he wanted to be as sober for this.

They kissed, hard and intense. Tom could feel himself harden; it had been so long since he had last been with someone, and his hand was getting really boring. Bill was also doing a really great job with him.

In the bathtub earlier, Bill had left Tom so hard, craving his younger brother so badly. Tom had never experienced that kind of attraction; never in his life had anyone made him squirm like his little brother did. Just the thought of Bill, naked, all his, could make him pant.

Tom broke the kiss, his hands stopping at Bill's bum and massaging the soft skin on his lower back gently. He slipped his hand underneath Bill's sweater without breaking the eye contact they had.

"You still sure you want to go through with this; all the way?" Tom asked, his palms flat against Bill's back and eyes drilling into Bill's.

"Yes," Bill half stated, half moaned, pressing his whole body against Tom's chest. Their lips were millimetres apart, their breaths mixing. Both closed their eyes, simply enjoying the feeling of being close to the other one.

"Let's go to the bedroom then," Tom moved to lift Bill, but the younger one stilled him. "Bill, I can carry you."

Bill shook his head, the loose hair falling down his sides again. Bill untangled himself from Tom, slipping carefully down on the floor in front of Tom.

Without a word, Bill took a hold of Tom's jeans. He removed the belt, un-buttoned the button and opened the zipper. Without a single word, he helped Tom him with lifting his hips, making Bill's task of stripping him a little easier.

Bill's eyes never left Tom's.

Tom gasped a breath when Bill touched his bare thigh, tickling him with long, naked fingers. He sat up, spreading Tom's knees slowly. Tom tried to speak, but Bill just hushed him.

Bill placed his hand over Tom's hard member, pressing softly down and feeling the heat through the thin fabric of his underwear. Tom hissed loudly, lifting his hips and pressing against Bill's hand.

Bill lifted the hem of Tom's boxers, slipping his hand inside and grabbing Tom's cock. Slowly, Bill moved the fabric down. His eyes were watching what he was doing; Tom's were still staring at Bill's concentrated face.

Bill started to slowly pump. He touched the sensitive head with his thumb. Looking Tom straight in the eye, Bill leaned down and took the head inside his mouth, pressing his tongue against the slit.

Tom was sitting on the soft sofa cushions, a look of pure bliss all over his face.

Bill took him deep; he was surprised on how far he could take it without gagging but he didn’t want to push his luck. Tom moaned softly. Bill had remembered his tongue ring today, which Tom really didn’t complain about.

Bill licked up the shaft, circling his tongue around the head and pressing it against the slit. He was proud of himself. He had never given anyone head, and from the sounds Tom was making, he had to be doing something right.

Tom was panting hard, his hands touching Bill's hair softly, not putting any pressure on him. He was sure he wouldn't last much longer, so with much will, Tom broke the contact and pulled Bill up.

Tom pressed his lips against Bill, holding his face in his hands and panting into Bill's mouth.

"Bedroom, now."

They both stood up, Tom tumbling over the pants resting around his ankles and Bill trying to undress himself, kiss Tom and walk.

When they finally got to Tom's bedroom, they fell down on the mattress. Tom lay down on top of Bill, both now naked and unbelievably horny.

"We need lube," Bill panted, kissing Tom's neck and crawling out from beneath him. "Give me a second." Bill ran out of Tom's room, across the hall and into his own. First, he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

His pulse was so fast that his heart was almost beating out of his chest.

He quickly found the small bottle and some condoms in a bag and literally ran back. Tom was lying in the bed, stroking his member lazily and head hanging off the edge of the bed.
Bill placed the objects on the bedside table and crawled up on Tom, licking a wet stripe across his ribs and chest.

Bill crawled all the way up, kissing each possible patch of skin available. He met Tom's lips, pressing an open mouthed, sloppy one on them.

Tom kissed back with full force, his hands trailing over Bill's back and down to his bum. Tom massaged the skin softly, pressing Bill down and rubbing their groins together.

Bill groaned into Tom's mouth. The friction between them was overwhelming, almost too much. Bill rolled on the side, lying on his back beside Tom and smiling at the older twin.

"You want to help me with this?" Bill sat up and fetched the bottle, popping the lid open and pouring a healthy amount into his palm, coating three fingers.

"Or you can just watch." Tom sat, fixated on the sight of Bill. Bill sat up against the headboard, a couple of pillows supporting his back. He lifted his knees, pressing them against his chest.

Tom couldn't make himself look down, not yet.

Bill circled his puckered hole with a single, lube coated finger, softly pressing it inside. Bill moaned, pressing the finger deeper inside and moving it slowly.

He moved it in and out slowly. Bill’s eyes were closed, simply enjoying the feeling. He added another finger, two of them moving in and out, slowly.

Tom had looked down now, and he was simply hypnotized by the vision of Bill like this. It made him feel dirty, like he was intruding.

“Come,” Bill cooed and Tom crawled closer. Bill pulled out his fingers and grabbed Tom’s hand, coating two fingers with the sticky substance.

He guided Tom down, pressing one of his fingers inside. Bill bit his lip; it felt so much better with Tom's rough fingers. He let go of Tom's hand, leaving the older twin to do what he wanted.

Tom moved his finger around, then added another one and spread them, creating a scissor motion. He could feel Bill loosening up.

He continued to play with his fingers; how he could make Bill squirm, blush and moan was making him even more bothered. When Bill said he was ready, Tom was sure his heart would jump out of his mouth.

Bill laid down on his back, Tom hovering over him. Bill slowly ripped open the condom package, rolling the latex over Tom's overly sensitive member before coating it generously with lube.

Tom was scared as hell. But they both wanted it; they both knew that this would change everything. But still, they wanted it.

Tom pressed in slowly. He was trying his hardest not to slam into his little brother, but take it slow. Bill wanted it slow, and Tom was sure it would hurt at least a little bit.

He didn’t want to hurt Bill more than necessary.

Bill made a small noise in the back of his throat, his nails digging into Tom’s shoulders. He urged Tom to continue, though.

Bill pressed his eyes tightly shut, trying to relax and let Tom in. It was much harder than he thought it would be, to relax. Tom was looming over him, his hands flat against the bed and arms quivering beside Bill's head. Bill's legs were almost wrapped around Tom's waist, pulling him closer.

Tom stopped. His breathing was rapid and his chest was rising and falling quickly. Tom leaned down and kissed Bill on the forehead, and then pushed in completely.

Once seated inside Bill, Tom let out a puff of air. They were as close as they could be, finally.

Tom let Bill get used to it, and tried not to move too much quite yet. He felt like he was going to come undone if Bill didn't relax soon.

"Shh, relax, baby," Tom murmured, his hand stroking Bill's cheek. Bill relaxed more; Tom's soothing words and touch helped more than he would think.

Bill nodded at Tom; he didn't have to say anything. Tom moved, only a little. He pulled out and pushed in again, slowly, but not as slow as before.

They moved together, slowly and intimately. It was them, together, and nothing else mattered. They didn't think about the tour, they didn't think about the time Tom hurt his knee when he was four and Bill kissed it. They didn't think about the blue ocean that was right beneath them.

All they thought about was each other.

Bill moaned brokenly. He pushed against Tom, forcing the latter deeper inside. Tom sneaked a hand down between them, taking a hold of Bill's ignored but leaking cock.

A few sloppy strokes, a few sloppy moves and Bill was a squirming, moaning mess. It was so good. The pain in the beginning was still there, but the ecstasy and the pleasure had taken over.

They moved faster, both yearning for their peak. They wanted to come over that edge. Every move became sloppier; every move became fast and rapid as they chased their orgasms.

Tom pushed inside Bill one last time, groaning low in his throat as he released into the condom. He rode out his orgasm, still touching Bill. Bill came soon after, contracting in pulses around Tom.

It was sticky between them, their come mixing with sweat and lube.

Tom waited, waited until they both were down from their high. He didn't want to pull out yet. He liked the connection they had.

When Tom pulled out, Bill couldn't help but feel empty. It was like something was missing, and his bum was already sore.

Tom plopped down beside Bill on the bed, stretching his legs. Bill quickly straddled the older boy, kissing him hard, and their hard breaths mixing. They smeared Bill's come all around as they just laid there, Bill on top, kissing.

"That was amazing." Bill nibbled on Tom's neck, no one even knew who said it, but someone did. It was just heat, bliss and love.

Bill stood up from the bed, dragging Tom with him into the shower to get cleaned up. He was really, really looking forward to the rest of this week.

And tomorrow.

The smell of food cooking greeted Bill in the early morning. It had to be pancakes, eggs and toast, maybe even some baked potatoes. There was also that underlying smell of something fresh; fruit, maybe?

Bill stretched with a satisfied groan. His lower back and bum were sore, that was for sure. But he was so happy; so content, and he simply felt wonderful.

Bill stood up from the plush bed. The blue walls were staring back at him with the same grin that adorned his face. He slipped his fluffy robe over his shoulders and opened the door out into the hallway. The smell of delicious food hit him like a brick wall and he almost whimpered.

He could hear Tom in the kitchen, singing softly to a song on the radio. Peeking into the open kitchen through the living room area, Bill felt pride well up inside him.

Tom was wearing an apron, and from what Bill could see, there was only underwear under it. Tom sang along to "Let It Be" by The Beatles and sniffed at the plate he held in his right hand, the left hand making a waving motion; like he could push the amazing smell closer to his nose.

The counter was filled with various types of food; pancakes, sandwiches, eggs in all shapes, toast, fried potatoes, baked potatoes and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Bill's stomach chose that exact moment to growl loudly, frightening Tom and making him drop the banana he grabbed to the floor.

"Sorry," Bill smiled apologetically and walked over the stone tiles, his naked feet making almost no sound. "What are you doing?"

Tom smiled, leaving the banana on the floor and instead stepping over it. He walked around the counter and wrapped his arms tightly around Bill's lanky frame.

"Making you breakfast. But you're not supposed to be up; I was going to serve you breakfast in bed." Tom kissed Bill's forehead and smiled when Bill's tummy again made a noise. "And it sounds like you're hungry."

"But Tom, how on earth had you planned to serve all this food in bed?" Bill grinned at Tom's blank face, wrapping his own arms around Tom's back. "I surely don't think they have a tray that's big enough for all of this."

Tom nodded; it was true and there was no way in heaven that he could get all this food into their bed without making a huge mess. "Alright, smartass, let's eat out on the veranda then."

Bill nodded and leaned in quickly to give Tom a small kiss before turning. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a couple minutes."

Tom nodded and slapped Bill lightly on the bum, making the younger one squeal loudly. Tom laughed and licked his thumb, making a sizzling noise as he touched his own butt.

Bill walked to the bathroom with a chuckle. Tom could be so dumb sometimes.

After Bill was done washing up and finding some light clothes, he walked out on the sun deck from the pool room. The sun was shining and the sky was clear. He could feel the light breeze hit him in the face and hear the birds singing on land.

"There you are."

Bill leaned his head back and welcomed the body that hugged him from behind.

"All the food is outside, on the kitchen side, so if you want to join me in the front, we could eat."

Tom's low murmur was almost too much. Again, Bill smiled and turned, wrapping his arms around Tom's neck and kissing him hard on the lips. He knew it was a risk. Anyone could see them out here, but who would react to two people kissing out on the sundeck? If they didn't know who they were, or have a camera to document anything, Bill really didn't care right now. He had Tom's lips on his, and that was all that mattered.

They broke the kiss and walked around the house to the front. Bill sat down opposite Tom and they both started to dig in.

"What should we do today?" Tom took a sip from the orange juice and gladly accepted the pineapple bite Bill offered him. "I was thinking about trying that massage. up for it?"

Bill nodded eagerly. A massage sounded too good to be true. His body was sore in places he didn't know it was possible, but it was a good kind of sore. Still, a massage sounded wonderful.

After an hour in the bubbles and an hour making out in the sauna, the twins finally got dressed and walked over to the wellness center.

Tom had booked them a fifty minute full body massage right after breakfast. Bill was excited, even though it was scary to let someone else touch his body like that- especially after last night.

Tom had apparently asked if they could get it done together, because when the twins walked inside the wellness center, they were directed to the same room.

The reception was a light shade of blue. It had only white furniture and silver decorations. A bunch of white lilies were placed around the room, and, Bill noticed, all over the entire place.

Even in the room where they changed were those gorgeous flowers.

Bill's masseuse was female. A tall, beautiful, dark-haired woman. Her green eyes reminded Bill of the lady who helped him the first day; maybe they were related. She introduced herself as Lola.

Tom's, on the other hand, was a tall, burly man. His muscles almost popped out of the white t-shirt he was wearing. He also, in some way, reminded Bill of the lady from the front desk.

"Mr. Kaulitz, I'm Jorge and I'm your masseuse. Please, lie down." Tom looked scared shitless. Bill couldn't help but snicker at the helpless look on his twin's face.

Bill's attention snapped back to his own masseuse, who smiled brightly, revealing a shining row of pearly whites.

"Just lie down here, Mr. Kaulitz; I'll be right back." Lola disappeared behind a white curtain and Bill did as he was told. The tables were placed right beside each other, so Bill and Tom could look at the other and talk without being disturbed.

After some testing German curse words, the twins quickly found it safe to talk their native language without worrying about it being exposed.

"So, how do you like your man?" Bill snickered, smiling politely at Lola as she came back with a couple of bottles and a hot towel. She started with his shoulders, the oil smelling of rich vanilla.

"Shut up, Bill, it's not my fault. At least he's not as skinny as your little ass." Bill could see Tom's eyebrow raise and that smirk just waiting to appear.

"Ha-ha, very funny. You didn't complain about my skinny ass last night." Tom narrowed his eyes when Bill's tongue poked out. "Well, now we'll find out just how much you enjoy those big, manly hands."

Jorge came back and just like Lola, he was carrying a couple of warm towels and a various range of bottles. Jorge placed the warm towel on Tom's lower back and Tom moaned.

Tom continued to moan and whimper all through the session. Jorge was absolutely the best man Tom had ever had. Well, as a masseuse anyway.

Bill of course found it very, very, amusing to listen to his older brother making such approving noises. Lola was also great, working out every knot in his back and every pain in his body.

The fifty minutes went by fast, but Tom asked if they could use the room a little longer, and maybe buy some of the products they used. Of course, both Lola and Jorge smiled an equally happy grin and disappeared behind the white curtain.

“What was that for?” Bill lifted the now cold towel from his shoulders, sitting up on the bench and looking questioningly at Tom.

“Nothing, just lie down again.” Bill did as he was told. He wasn't going to complain as he felt Tom’s hands roam over his body.

Tom used the oil and warmed it up in his hands, rubbing small circles all over Bill's lower back. He went even lower, massaging Bill’s sore bum and thighs. He worked his way down Bill’s legs, rubbing each available patch of skin he could find.

Bill made a content noise. He was sure that this had to be the best massage he had ever received.

“Up, to the right.” Bill moaned. Tom smiled and did as Bill commanded. He continued for at least half an hour, almost scrubbing and rubbing Bill’s skin red and raw.

Bill sat up, ignoring Tom's protests. He sat on the bench with one leg on each side of Tom, his hands stroking up Tom's toned chest and down to his ribs, then up again. He touched his shoulders, feeling down both arms at the same time and finishing by taking Tom's hands in his own.

"I love you, you know that?" Bill's voice was nothing but a whisper. He looked up at Tom shyly through his lashes. Tom was looking at their entwined hands, a tiny smile adorning his lips.

"I know, and I love you, too. Always." Their eyes met and they smiled. Bill blushed hard and his ears were on fire. Tom leaned forward and captured Bill's lips with his own; a sweet and innocent kiss.

Bill broke it before it could turn into much more, pushing Tom down on the bench. Tom got the hint and laid down, chest up.

Bill fetched the bottle of vanilla oil, warming the sticky substance between his hands and spreading it all over Tom's chest. Tom closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Bill touching him all over.

Bill continued to rub in the oil, working on Tom's chest, ribs and legs. He let his hand touch Tom on the inside of his thighs, making the other twin buck up and moan low in the back of his throat.

"Not now, Bill, don't even try to get me riled up here." Tom half begged, half cried. "I want you later, but wait until we get back."

"Okay," Bill leaned down and kissed the obvious bulge in Tom's boxers through the fabric. He turned to pick up his robe and made a "come here" motion to Tom, who followed after him like a puppy.

They walked back to the bungalow, hand-in-hand. Right now, they didn't care about being caught. All that mattered for them was being together, even if that meant being brothers in public and lovers in hiding.

The pier stretched out in front of them. The water was still tonight, not a wave or splashing sound against the poles in the ocean, just silence.

“Tom, can we take a walk around the beach before we go back?” Bill toed the still warm sand. Tom was already standing on the wooden part of the trail.

Tom nodded and they walked down the natural stone stairs and down on the beach. The white sand went all around the island; Bill tried to see the end of it, but it was simply impossible.

They walked around aimlessly in the sand, holding hands and enjoying one another's company without words. They didn’t need to say anything; they could both feel each other’s happiness and that was enough.

Suddenly, Bill let go of Tom's hand, slapping him lightly on the shoulder and screaming, "Tag! Come and get me!" Bill squealed and started to run over the sand, giggling like a school girl when Tom ran after him.

It didn't take long for Tom to catch up with him and tackle the skinny man down to the ground. They both lay panting in the sand, the wind blowing up and making the leaves whoosh.

Tom simply stared into his brother’s eyes; those brown orbs were looking right into his soul and he couldn't do anything about it. Nothing.

He didn't feel helpless, like he usually did when he felt this open, so bare. Tom simply felt that everything was finally right, finally how it should be.

"I'm glad we learned," he murmured, stealing a soft kiss from Bill.

"What did we learn?" Bill's voice was low, mixing with the sounds of nature around them. Tom wouldn't have heard it if he wasn't so close. Tom smiled, looking out over the ocean and the sky. His voice was also low, but filled with so much love.

"That we can enjoy these simple moments between sleep, together, like this."

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